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Using Node is a great tool for a React frontend. It is also easy to get started first you need to create a directory. Once you have a created a directory you can touch index.js and index.html files. In your terminal you can open your project. I am using VScode…

This a a great place to start for people using VS Code. It gives you all the shortcuts that will cut down the time you need to use a mouse. Who can beat that?

W3 schools is a must for many developers. This is a great link for someone looking…

If you have ever wanted to display your data in a chart then Chart JS is for you. There is a caveat however Chart JS was written for Javascript. Thankfully there is a version that you will be able to utilize for React.

First you need to head over to…

Have you ever wanted an easy way to deploy your website. Look no further than firebase.

To get started you want to have a Firebase account. One that is done you will want to click on the add project like below.

Follow the prompts to give your project a name. Once you are on the project home page you then want to click on hosting under build on the left side of the page.

Firestore is a great (free) tool when you want to set up a database quickly. The First step is to create a project through your account. From your console page you click on the add project and follow the steps.

This is where you add your projects

Once you have added a new project you can then…

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